A Heart to Keep

I have all the money, power, and partners a man could ever want. In short, it’s good to be king. And I fancy myself a benevolent ruler.   

Nothing pleases me more than playing matchmaker to my subjects and giving them their Kinkily Ever Afters. I would almost call helping people a compulsion of mine. Frankly, it could be worse.

Although Allie Hart doesn’t seem to think so. A chance meeting with this handsome stranger in a bar brings him under my purview but he has no interest in my help and I have no interest in playing for keeps. Yes, he has an incredible body, is loyal to the bone, and challenges me in ways no lover ever has, but there’s always someone in need and neither of us can afford distractions from our responsibilities. Despite that, Allie may be the one gift I’m tempted to keep for myself.

**Please note: A Heart to Keep was originally published as The Cartographer.**

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What People Are Saying About A Heart to Keep

“Funny, sexy, and touching. Parker has created two highly memorable characters—I didn’t want to let them go.” —J.A. Rock, Award Winning Author of The Subs Club series

“I’ve been dying for Rey’s book since the very first time I read Personal Geography. The perfect and smokin’ hot resolution to a series I adore.” —Amy Jo Cousins, Author of the Bend or Break series

“The Cartographer isn’t just scorchingly hot, it’s a gorgeous slow burn love story that had me breathless for the happy ever after from the very first chapter. There’s nothing sexier than watching a control freak lose control as they’re overtaken by love.” —Misha Horne, Author of Old School Discipline

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