Due South

due-south-final200x300Lucy Miller has worked her way up from coffee-fetcher and copy-maker to invaluable assistant. She’s proud of her accomplishments, but she’s looking forward to a break from her demanding boss; a visit home is just the Christmas treat she needs.

Diligent and unassuming, Chanoch Evans has avoided relationships not just out of shyness, but because he doesn’t feel like he has anything to offer—most of his resources are devoted to his war-veteran younger brother.

When a desperate plea from their boss ruins their holiday plans, Lucy and Evans are stuck in an otherwise empty office with only each other for company. After catching their boss in flagrante, they start to see that each other’s mild workplace personas might be just the tip of the iceberg. Despite the prohibition against fraternization between employees, there may be more than kissing going on underneath this mistletoe…

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What people are saying about Due South: 

“A sexy delight from beginning to end. Tamsen Parker has created one of my favorite couples of the year. Adorkable and hot, this will be a definite reread for me!” USA Today bestselling author Megan Erickson

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