Reclaiming His Wife

I’m an a**hole. Ask anyone. My staff, the press, my ex-wife. They’d also tell you I’m a playboy, but they’d be wrong about that. I’m so much worse.

Humiliating women, hurting them. That’s what gets me off, even though it makes me sick with shame afterward. I broke up my marriage to the only woman I’ve ever loved because she deserved so much better than all the filthy things I wanted to say and do to her.

But it turns out when I get access to a world where I can get what I want without drowning in guilt when it’s over, I find my wife already there. Not only do I get schooled in the fact that it’s not what I want that’s bad, only how I’ve been going about getting it, but I also get a second shot with the love of my life. I’d do anything to get Pressly back; I’m just not sure anything I can offer will ever be enough.  

**Please note: Reclaiming His Wife was originally published as True North.**


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What People are Saying about True North 

Heroes and Heartbreakers named True North one of their Erotic Romances Best Bets for 2016

“True North is an achingly perfect redemption romance. Magnificently written, gloriously kinky, this novel is an erotic romance MUST READ!” USA Today Bestselling Author Ainsley Booth

“A sweet, sensual, heartbreaking, and humorous second chance romance.” Heroes and Heartbreakers

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