I love immersive books, ones that I can picture the sights and sounds of. So it’s no surprise I frequently make Pinterest boards and soundtracks for my stories. You’ll also find deleted scenes and scenes from non-POV characters here. Some of them I wrote when I was trying to figure out what happened “off-screen,” some of them I wrote after the fact. I hope you enjoy diving in.

Thanks for reading! xoxo T

(WARNING: The snippets have major spoilers, so I wouldn’t read until after you’ve read the book! And please don’t post these to Goodreads or other places. They are meant to be a treat for my lovely readers, and haven’t been professionally edited. Thanks for understanding.)

Personal Geography

Cris gets “The Call” (Cris’s POV)

Cris and India’s First Meeting (Cris’s POV)

Cris Calls India at Work (Cris’s POV)

Personal Geography Pinterest Board

Playlist: Personal Geography & Intimate Geography


Intimate Geography

The Morning Cris Shows Up at India’s Door (Cris’s POV)

Holo and Lani Come for Dinner (Cris’s POV)

Cris Arrives in New York (Cris’s POV)

New York to San Diego (Deleted Scene – India’s POV)

Intimate Geography Pinterest Board


Uncharted Territory

Playlist: Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory Pinterest Board


Craving Flight

Playlist: Craving Flight

Craving Flight Pinterest Board


Looking For a Complication (For the First Time)

Looking For a Complication Pinterest Board

Playlist: Looking for a Complication

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