Bound in the Streets

I let Cris into my life and look what happened: I got attached. Now I have feelings, and feelings are the worst.

The truth is that I more than like him. I other-L-word him, which doesn’t solve anything; it makes everything worse. I’ve loved people in the past and it got me heartbroken, betrayed, and abandoned so no thank you.

My job that I’m usually so competent at is killing me, Cris wants more, and I can’t handle it all. I can give Cris grand gestures and dirty weekends, but despite everything he’s given me I still can’t hand over my heart. Which sucks, because I don’t think he’s willing to accept any substitutes. Now what the hell am I supposed to do?

**Please note: Bound in the Streets is the second book in  the After Hours series and is NOT a stand-alone. You’ll want to read Alpha in the Sheets, the first half of Cris and India’s story, before you read Bound in the Streets. Bound in the Streets was originally published as Intimate Geography.**


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What People are Saying About Bound in the Streets

Intimate Geography was named a Recommended Read by Romance Novel News and was included in their 2015 Roundup: My Favorite Kinky Books. Intimate Geography was also nominated for Best Erotic Romance in All About Romance’s Reader Poll

“Both Personal Geography and Intimate Geography are erotic romances that make a dramatic statements. They are two BDSM romances that fans of the genre should not miss with one of the best #RomDoms ever. The romance is highly emotional and at times painful – but well worth the ride. I highly recommend both.” – Romance Novel News

“I loved this story. I loved how, while unique and complex, this story actually made sense to me. I can believe there’s an India and Cris out there, facing those challenges and loving life as they should.” – The Book Hammock

“I’ve always like India as a strong female character. But I also like how she adapted to be more flexible without compromising her strength. I love her vulnerability of her unfamiliarity of doing things the normal way.” – Warhawke’s Vault Book Blog

“I found this a very engaging book/series. I don’t think I’ve ever read a couple that is similar to India and Cris and I really appreciate that” – Smexy Books

“Personal Geography is romantic, suspenseful, and pretty much everything I look for in a romance. I relate to the heroine, I want the hero to be real, and I desperately want their happily ever after.” – Alexis Anne, author of The Storm Inside series


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