Rogue Anthology Submissions!

Have you read the Rogue resistance romance anthologies? Have you wished you could have a story in one? We have exciting news! Due to the response we’ve had, we’ve decided to continue publishing and are now accepting submissions for Volumes 5-8. Depending on interest, there may be even more!

We are looking for stories about people who are fighting the good fight, who are trying to do what’s right in a world gone crazy. We’re looking for stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, stories about people who risk everything for what they believe in, we’re looking for stories about civil servants who are trying to fulfill their duties and about celebrities who are using their influence for good. We’ve had scientists, activists, politicians, speech writers, pastors, students, school counselors, park rangers, pro football players, and more. You can check out the descriptions of the volumes that have already been published to see what’s been done: Rogue Desire, Rogue Affair.

There’s no required heat level–stories so far have varied from chaste to smoking hot. There’s no requirement for pairings (or more!)–we’ve had M/F, M/M, and F/F. We’d strongly encourage authors of color, LGBTQIAP authors, authors of various faiths to submit, and we’d love to see diversity in the stories submitted as well.

ETA: We have decided that Volume 7 will be a dedicated New Adult anthology. Same idea as the rest, but focused on young people from ages 18 to 24-ish. Main characters are not required to be students–in fact, we’d love to see activism taking place off campus. 

If you’re interested, please read through the following information, and then fill out the Google Docs form at the end. You can reach us at with questions, although please make sure you read carefully so you don’t ask something we’ve already covered. We don’t check this address every day so please be patient. Thanks!

  • There will be 8-10 stories per volume
  • Stories should be 7-15k words, contemporary resistance romance
  • We will need a blurb of ~50 words eventually, but pitches can (and probably should!) be longer.
  • Authors are responsible for hiring their own editors/copy editors/proofreaders.
  • Published authors who we’ve worked with before may submit a pitch, others are required to submit completed stories. If you don’t know which category you fall in, please feel free to check with us!
  • Future Release Dates would be as follows:
    • Volume 5: 7/20/18 (stories swapped for beta reads on 5/15/18, stories due to AJ for formatting on 6/15/18 )
    • Volume 6: 11/8/18 (stories swapped for beta reads on 8/31/18, stories due to AJ for formatting on 9/30/18)
    • Volume 7: 1/20/19 (stories swapped for beta reads on 11/15/18, stories due to AJ for formatting on 12/15/18)
    • Volume 8: 5/8/19 (stories swapped for beta reads on 2/28/19, stories due to AJ for formatting on 3/31/19)
  • We will notify authors that their story has been accepted at least 2 months prior to the beta swap date for each volume (Volume 5: 3/15/18, Volume 6: 6/30/18, Volume 7: 9/15/18, Volume 8: 12/28/18). Pitches will be taken until all volumes are filled, and we’ll be filling volumes on a rolling basis, so get them in as soon as you can!
  • Zoe York will continue to create the covers, Amy Jo Cousins will continue to format, and Tamsen Parker will continue to upload files and manage the finances. Please let us know if you have any special skills that might be of use!
  • We expect that in addition to promoting your own release, you’ll mention the other Rogue releases on social media and in your newsletters.
  • Volumes will be uploaded through Draft2Digital, except for Amazon, Google Play, and Create Space (for print copies).
  • Admins will receive 10% of royalties for their time (reading subs, uploading, formatting, etc). Remaining royalties will be split equally between contributing authors.
  • Payments will be made every 3 months (January, April, July, October) through PayPal or mailed checks.
  • Exclusive rights to your story will revert after 60 days, anthologies will stay up until a date To Be Determined, likely six months after the publish date of the final anthology in order to encourage sell-through and readers picking up backlist titles.
  • Still want in on this action? Fill out this Google Form.
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